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John Hodgson Lighting  has always been in the forefront of new lighting technologies and LED lighting is quickly becoming the preferred method in many applications. Our new Low Electrity Light Bulbs displays the latest in LED lighting including recessed lighting, tape lighting, LED replacement bulbs, cabinet lighting, cove and artwork lighting.

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John Hodgson Lighting Kingston Tiffany Cat Table Lamp Tiffany Animal Lamps

A decorative table lamp in the design of a cat in coloured tiffany style glass

"Gorgeous little lamp that looks more expensive than it is! It produces a lovely soft light and makes the room look really cosy and the bulbs are easily available".

Please email or call 020 8941 1361 for more information or to purchase this item.

tiffany dragonfly pendant Dragonfly Pendant

Delicate Dragonflies spread their wings while flying around the shade's edge. Accents of jewels are scattered throughout, adding an extra sparkle of excitement to this Tiffany-style glass.

Pendant lights combine beauty with function.

With a colorful shade design, this handcrafted lighting fixture is a work of art. Use several Tiffany-Style lamps to light up a long area, or use one to provide task lighting over a small area.

Get high-quality lighting for an affordable price.

At John Hodgson Lighting we focuss on  givin you terrific savings on colorful handcrafted styles, plus you can design each lamp if required. Simply choose a bronze-finished fixture, then pair it with a Tiffany-style shade.

glass chandelier
One of the best known glass makers in the world was F & C Osler, founded in 1807 by Thomas Osler with premises in Great Charles Street. They later moved to Broad Street in Birmingham. The hey day of the company was between the mid 19th century and 1914. They opened their own glasshouse in Freeth Street in 1849. 
The company first operated a glass toy & cutting shop, later expanding into larger items such as chandeliers. The company later became world famous for their very large ornate chandeliers and massive glass structures, including tables and thrones. 
The expansion of the company was largely the result of AF Osler's development of a method of building up solid glass around a metal core creating objects of a size and complexity previously thought impossible. The companies glass products were exported all around the world and a large amount went into the palaces of India. One of the companies greatest pieces was the crystal fountain made for The Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park which was.over eight metres high and contained four tons of crystal. 
Interest in heavy cut glass decreased in the 20th century and the company started to concentrate in the production of light fittings. Thomas Clarkson Osler set an important precedent for others to follow when in 1871 he established the "Public Picture Gallery Fund" for the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with a gift of £3000.

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