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What's happening at John Hodgson Lighting?


Closing Down Sale John Hodgson LightingSo many people have asked us "whats happening, what's happening at John Hodgson Lighting?"

Well there's a change ahead!

We are  CLOSING DOWN - sort of!

Due to the amount of people now selling lighting on the internet, we don't see the same amount of people walk through our doors as we should.  We have, therefore, decided to downsize our showroom. We have a huge warehouse on the back of our retail outlet and we just don't need it anymore. So we have sold it off. But we still have some beautiful things in our showroom that we would like to clear. The idea of the closing down sale is so that we can move the stock that we've got in the warehouse because we will have to be out of it soon.

Wow do we still have some lovely things in our traditional and modern showroom.  And now they have been reduced to well below cost!

JOhn Hodgson MiddlesexWe will still be keeping our retail unit at the front but won't be operating in the capacity that we have before. Once we have cleared the stock and upgraded the showroom we will know a bit more about what direction we will take.

Its a shame. There are very few businesses like ours around anymore - another specialist retailer closes its doors.

John has been here for almost 40 years and at 86 he has decided it is definitely time to retire - he will be very sad to go but is excited about sitting drinking coffee in the sun somewhere. Or even something a little stronger!

Liza will still operate her Private Consultation and design service and will be available for advice, seminars and presentations and she will update 'The Lighting Consultants' blog daily. So don't forget to subscribe. If you need any advice or have any questions then pop your query on the contacts page and she'll get back to you.

Sad times for us as we enjoy the art of retailing. John will miss all of his lovely clients that he has got to know over the last forty years and can only say thank you for all the support that you have given him and his team. Come say goodbye when you get the chance.

John Hodgson Owner

Now at 85 John is still delighting the lighting world with his experience and knowledge. A lot has to be said for providing solutions to problems when you have 55 years of knowledge behind you. His love of the subject, the industry and of his client base is obvious in our repeat clients and constant flow of people that come in for advise and solutions to problems.

Liza Hodgson Designer

John is supported by his daughter Liza Hodgson, who has recently returned from Australia. She brings 15 years of international lighting project experience with her and an Msc in Illumination Design from Sydney University. Her passion and love of lighting is exhausting and her ability to help clients understand new technology is easy, calming and at time humorous! She teaches lighting and gives lighting seminars for architects, interior designers and builders - or anyone who is interested in just learning more.


Papi has no idea about lighting. But he is a very valuable and indeed the highest paid member of the team. He spends his days snoozing and snoring and wagging. When he is not distracting John from an exceedingly long to do list, he provides a calm and light hearted attitude to the work environment.

We have a showroom full of traditional and modern lights and what you can't see on display we can probably get hold of it for you. We know that our clients like to see the product before they buy them.

  • Spanish Solid Brass Chandeliers
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Modern and Traditional Glass
  • Exterior hanging pendants, surface mounted and garden lighting
  • Surface mounted crystal
  • Art Deco, Tiffany and Oil Cowls
  • Lampholders, cables, chain, shade carriers and traditional light bulbs
  • Celing Roses and Galleries
  • Switches and sockets
  • LED Recessed Downlights with integral control gear
  • LED retrofit ES,BC and GU10 and G9 lamps